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August 9, 2013
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[ c-a - adam lockheart ] by mikamikkaa [ c-a - adam lockheart ] by mikamikkaa
[ Adam? More like aDAMN. //kicked ]
[ omfg i forgot the other buckles --- ]

[ n a m e ] adam johnathan lockheart
[ e t h n i c i t y ] british
[ g e n d e r ] male
[ h e i g h t ] 5'11'' - 180 cm
[ w e i g h t ] 112 lbs - 51 kg
[ a g e ] 19
[ o r i e n t a t i o n ] straight
[ s a t u s ] single

[ s q u a d ] stationary guard [scouting legion]
[ s t a t s ]
|| combat || 6
|| teamwork || 5
|| strategy || 3
|| defense || 3
|| agility || 8
[ t o t a l ] 25

[ p e r s o n a l i t y ]
[ o u t s i d e ]
|| caring || Helps others in need, if possible. He listens to a person's problem and tries to help in what ever way he can.
|| charming || Seems to be charming due to his manors and politeness, he was taught to welcome others with a warming smile.
|| joyful || Always smiling, enjoying life while he still has it. He tries to look at the bright sides of things.
|| laid back || Most of the time, Adam has a cool head, its a rare sight to see him loose his temper.

[ i n s i d e ]
|| aggressive || To him, fighting is the only way to solve problems.
|| bitchy || Acts very cranky or irritated most times. It seems as if anything can make him angry.
|| sadist || Loves to inflict pain on others or watch them endure pain. Its one of the few things that still give him joy.
|| sarcastic || If one makes an obvious or or stupid question/statement, he just has to mock them.

[ p a s t . s t o r y ]
Johnson was born with an identical twin brother, Adam.

John and Adam were always side by side. One rarely left the other’s side. They would only do so if it was necessary. The two were identical but complete opposites. Adam was the kind, yet John was the cruel. Of course Adam was well loved among others, which left John in the shadows. The two had feuds and disagreements but, generally, they got along very well.

The twins didn't grow up with their biological parents, but their aunt and uncle [from their father’s side]. By the time John and Adam where six, their parents were in the military, their mother in the stationary guard and their father in the scouting legion. Adam always admired their bravery to fight for humanity.  He wanted to be like them he grew up, but of course, John thought he was insane. To him, joining the military was a stairway to suicide. He didn't support his brother going through that. Whenever that topic was brought up into a conversation, it would lead into what it seemed like a never ending argument. Both told their opinions and reasons, yet they never came to an agreement. Usually, they wouldn't talk to each other for the rest of the day and when the next day arrived, they would pretend nothing happened and carry on to their routine.

At the time the two were seven, when the scouting legion returned from missions, the two would look for their father and greet him. This particular day was harder trying to find their father. There were less people that came back, which was normal, but their parents weren't in sight. They began to worry, thinking their parents had been consumed by a titan. They looked around everywhere trying to locate them. No luck. They waited for the rest of the soldiers to come in. Not one of them were their father. A friend of their father noticed the two and looked at them sorrowfully and continued to walk. The twins knew what that meant. John dropped on his knees with a lifeless expression; Adam dropped down as well and cried on John's shoulder. It wasn't long until their mother found out. She was devastated. The three came together and cried.

After that day, everyone's spirits changed in some way. The twin's mother became more lifeless, there was a part of her wished that the titans would take her as well. Adam became nicer and more joyful, trying to hide the sadness inside him. John became more introverted, he locked himself away from unnecessary social activities. Everyone that knew them could tell they were greatly damaged.

Years passed by as John and Adam drifted away from one another. They weren't as close as before but their arguments were worst. The arguments became aggressive and loud. John would end up hurting his brother, mentally and/or physically. John felt bad about is of course, but he couldn't bring himself to apologize to Adam face to face. He was ashamed of himself. Adam knew how he felt, apparently, even if John didn't say it aloud. John's actions spoke much louder than words. Adam would forgive him as always, even if he had been beaten up pretty badly. John always hated that about Adam. He was too forgiving.

After they fought, a loud noise suddenly appeared. Both were startled from it and looked up and saw lightning and smoke appear from the sky. It was soon followed by the screams of civilians. What appeared from behind the wall was the colossal titan. Both were scared out of their minds.

"W-What the hell is that?!"

"J-John...i-isn't that there area were mum is supposed to be..."

John's eyes widened. The realization that they could loose their mother as well made him filled with emotions. He soon started to run toward that area as fast as he could. Adam ran right after him. Both were hoping that their mother wasn't hurt. Soon, another loud noise was followed by a powerful gust of wind. The wind had almost blown them away. They both look up to see what had happened. They couldn't believe what they saw. The wall had been broken by the colossal titan. The two were paralyzed in fear. The wall that had been keeping them safe was broken. They couldn't move. Civilians began to run passed them screaming their lungs out. Once John had snapped out of it, he continued to run to his mother. Adam, however, stood there, shaking. John soon realized that his brother wasn't following him anymore and turned around to see what was wrong. John saw that Adam had been traumatized. John ran back to Adam, grabbed his hand, and ran dragging Adam with him.

"This isn't the time to be standing around, stupid!"

Adam stared at John while running. He heard heavy footsteps near and looked toward his right. There was five meter titan headed toward them. He gasped and pulled John in the other direction.

"H-Hey what are you doing, Adam?! Mom is over there!"

"Do you want to get eaten by the titan behind us?! Do you, because I certainly don't!"

John looked behind them; he wanted to believe Adam was kidding but sadly, it was true. John let go of Adam's hand and ran next to him. Both were very tired from running but dying wasn't on their to-do list. John found a chance to hide and pulled Adam into a building and told him to keep quiet and not talk. The titan passe by. As soon as the area was clear for them to run again, they went. The area wasn't as clear as they thought. A titan was just roaming the street where two were. John hoped through one of the house windows and told Adam to come over but it was too late. The titan had already spotted Adam. Adam screamed and started to run the other way, the titan followed him. John's eyes widened and just sat there watching his brother being chased by the titan. He couldn't scream or move. The titan soon got close enough to reach Adam. It gabbed him from the waist and held him close to it's face. Adam's screams frightened John even more. The titan lifted him higher and open its mouth. It let go and swallowed him whole. John saw everything. He was shaking in fright. He watched the titan walk off with his brother in it's stomach. John punched the wall in front of him screaming.

"Why...WHY DIDN'T YOU MOVE, DUMBASS?! ......Why...wh...why..."

John dropped to his knees and cried. He thought all of the memories he had made with his brother. All the arguments they've been through. All of them were stupid. Then he thought of his last conversations with Adam. Adam died after having another argument. He screamed again and soon made himself stop crying and ran to his mother. He was close to the area where his mother had been assigned to. He heard someone calling for help and looked over. It was a female covered in blood, with a missing arm. John took a closer look. It was his mother. He ran ran toward her and purposely screamed out "Mum!", just like Adam always did.

"Huh.....A-Adam....Wh-Where's your brother...Where's Johnathan?"

"......John is dead."

"Wh-What?! N-No...No...You're lying right?!"

She grabbed on the John with her only hand, thinking he was Adam. John shook his head. John's mother began to cry but soon stopped. She grabbed John's hand and guided him toward Wall Rose's gate. The two evacuated with the other civilians in time. Both cried. John's mother repeatedly said "Adam, please don't leave me too...". John felt his heart getting heavier every time she spoke those words. He wouldn't know how long his lie would last. He didn't think he could have the courage to tell her the truth. He carried on as Adam Johnathan Lockheart and leave his life being Johnson Adam Lockheart.

[ r e a s o n ]
- to carry on adam's dream
- wants to "take his mother's place" in the stationary guard
- doesnt want an innocent soul to be tainted by the horrors of the titans
- actually doing something good for the world
- gives him a reason to hurt things without being scolded

[ l i k e s ]
[ o u t s i d e ]
- being surrounded by others
- family
- playing games
- sleeping
- soft things
- sweets

[ i n s i d e ]
- being alone
- being right
- cooking [surprisingly a good cook]
- girls ufufufu
- sleeping
- spicy food

[ d i s l i k e s ]
[ o u t s i d e ]
- fish
- loud noises
- being the last to know information
- tall people
- violence

[ i n s i d e ]
- his 'mask'
- being ignored
- people who like him for "adam"
- people who talk too much
- people who are loud
- people who get into his personal space
- people.
- vegetables

[ t r i v i a ]
- tries to hide his accent
- has freckles
- older by three minutes
- not a virgin
- adam slips away and john comes in sometimes [he cant help when people are being stupid --]
- doesn't tell people he had a twin brother [unless you're super duper close to him]
- to this day, his mother doesn't know he's actually Johnson.
- has a soft spot for small girls

[ t a s k . 2 ]
- sent by note

[ t a s k . 3 a ]

[ t a s k . 3 b ]

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Pimpin-Waffle Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013
C-C-an we thread? Your writing style is so nice and Keres would surely get that nasty side out of him and totally love everything about it. She's a masochist
mikamikkaa Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013
[ hnnng omfg sure! i'd love to ^ q ^// ]
Pimpin-Waffle Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013
Just message me and we'll work out the specifics then .u.
rubierubieee Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
bby i know you love amber
you and her are meant to be
friends with benefits.
mikamikkaa Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013
ShOrtSh4dow Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013
I...I....I'm really at a loss of words. That's probably the most emotional backstory I've read so far and I had to hold back tears. I WOULD BE HONORED TO RP WITH HIM, IF THAT'S ALRIGHT. Nat's a tiny girl too, if that helps....
mikamikkaa Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013
[ asdfghjkl; iM SORRY --- ]
[ i didnt know it was that sad while i was writing it OTL;; ]

[ ahaha i'd love to rp with you ; v ;! ]
ShOrtSh4dow Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
(DON'T BE SORRY. I LOVE SAD/ANGSTY THINGS. AND BECAUSE OF THAT I THINK ADAM IS MY FAVORITE SO FAR, IN ALL SERIOUSNESS. >3< Oh, and are those freckles on his face? Because if so I think we're freckle buddies. xD)

Natalia couldn't help herself when she saw the blonde. Granted she couldn't say exactly why she was drawn in by him, not that it really mattered. She was planning on introducing herself to all of the men in camp anyway. But she consciously chose this one. She had to talk with him to find out just why. She tapped his shoulder, rocking on her heels as she did so. Her smile fit just right on her face. "Hey there, beautiful~ The name's Natalia. You can call me Nat. What's yours?"
mikamikkaa Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
[ but yes they are -- ahahaha yesss, freckle buds<33 ]

Adam had been pondering to himself on how he would communicate with others here.
Would he still act pleasant and polite like Adam, or would he act like his rude and bitchy self?
While thinking, he was interrupted by a very small lass. As she introduced herself, he fixed
his position to face her. He thought it would be best if he would act like Adam, he wouldn't
want to make any trouble at this time. "The name is Adam, Nat. Nice to meet such a delightful face~"
Adam grabbed her hand and kissed her middle finger. Inside, Adam was in much hatred of 
what he was doing. This was too much for him. Ugh. Why did Adam have to be so nice. Tch.
he thought to himself.
ShOrtSh4dow Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
Nat's lips formed in a shape of an 'o' when Adam kissed her hand. The touch left a tingly sensation on her skin. Such a gentleman...and quite the looker too... She smiled lightly, her golden eyes level on him. He was almost mesmerizing for her to watch. What was it about him?...."My, this is a nice introduction. I didn't think I was in for such a surprise when I approached you."
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